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Symptoms of incipient menopause

Many women experience symptoms of incipient menopause that they mistakenly associate with anything other than menopause itself. Are you also in doubt about when menopause starts? Then you are not...

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Femilog®privacy policy

Femilog is the data controller Femilog is data responsible for the information that Femilog registers about visitors to the website, Femilog's customers, suppliers, contacts, participants in Femilog's Facebook group, etc....

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Menopausal women should speak openly

Alexandra Crosskey wants to break the taboo on menopause. She believes that women should talk more openly about menopause. & Nbsp; It all started last summer when Alexandra was 48...

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Men andropause

Mens version of menopause is andropause

Men experience a more insidious menopause, which can last for decades with symptoms such as decreased sex drive, the development of depression and other physical and mental disorders. Andropause. This...

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5 quick facts about menopause

Menopause typically occurs when the woman is between 45-55 years old Menopause is also also known as the climacteric Menopause is the time of the last menstrual period The average...

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Brain changes during menopause

Menopause can change the brain

Women’s brains age differently than men’s. Brain researcher points out that hormonal changes during menopause are the cause. By Femilog Science has established that as such there is no difference...

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How to do squat exercises

Did you know that pelvic floor exercises such as squats strengthen the muscles around your bladder, bottom, and vagina. If you exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles it can...

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