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Femilog® app - Awarded Best Global Menopause App 2022
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Femilog – Menopause Health Tracker

Are my menopause symptoms normal?

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Femilog® is a three time award-winning global app 

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Femilog Best global menopause app 2023

Famous Danish sexologist and couples therapist is excited!

Watch Joan Ørting’s review of Femilog® and hear why she think it’s a great app to use for women in menopause

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Femilog® is the answer have been looking for for a long time! It is a wonderful app for menopausal women. I have found information about menopause on Femilog® that I have not been able to find anywhere else and it is really helping me through this phase of life. A huge thanks to Femilog®, and the amazing community of women who are part of Femilog®
Teresa Watkins, 49 år

Your Menopause and Mental Health Tracker

Femilog® is a two time winning award-winning global app.

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Femilog® wants to break the taboo on menopause. We bring you real-life inspirational stories. You can help us break the taboo. Share your menopause story with us at hello@femilog.com and be a part of a greater cause

Adam Price discloses the rationale for the menopausal storyline featuring the protagonist of the internationally acclaimed TV series, Borgen.
She is Denmark's most famous sexologist and now promoting Femilog's new app for women in menopause
Former minister on menooause and andropause
Teresa Watkins learned about hot flashes through Femilog
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Femilog® - united we break the taboo on menopause globally

 Femilog® is available in 28 languages

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